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If you have to look behind in your life, the only thing to look at is your backside reflection in the mirror.

Information on a Brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift gives the chance of improving the body and to boost the assets by the use of the natural fats found in other areas of your body. When a liposuction with lipofilling is used, you are going to get firm, perky and natural looking shape that everyone dreams about.

At Velvet Touch Clinic we bring the best treatment and care for lifting your behind. We do the Brazilian butt lift and we use liposuction and lipofilling in the place where you need to have perky and round bum that you had always dreamt about and the results are permanent.


What are the results that you can get from Brazilian Butt Lift?

The key of the procedure is that the procedure is like two procedures in just one. The Brazilian lift butt is not only going to help you to get a new, refreshed and perky look for your buttock but the fat transfer also requires that the procedure take the fat from other places of the body. When the fat is taken from other area of your body like abdomen, legs or arms, you are going to have a lean appearance with the perfect bum.

In addition of using Brazilian butt lift for aesthetic reason, it can also be used as a reconstruction method for your buttocks when you have suffered injury or there is a defect that you want that it can be corrected. When there is any deformity on the buttock, it can be reconstructed in a careful way by the use of fat transfer procedure or sometime the implant is also used. Regardless of your cases, you can find different options that are offered with Velvet Touch Clinic and we are going to be happy to share such information after the consultation.

How the Brazilian butt lift is done?

The Brazilian butt surgery is done in two different ways through the fat transfer and through buttock implants. The two procedures may be done under a local or general anesthesia and they are performed for the outpatient surgery which means that you are allowed to go home after the surgery.

Transfer of the fat

Fat transfer method is normally the best way that you can get to the perfect bum that you are looking for. Normally, the plastic surgeon is going to graft the fat cells and he will allow it to develop in the new location. When you combine the liposuction procedure with Brazilian butt lift, you have a chance of extracting the fat from the places where the fat is not needed and to put it in the area of your buttocks that you would want to see enhanced.

Where the fat comes from?

The fat that has to be transferred can be removed from different places of the body and but it comes from the areas which are adjacent to buttocks like lower back also called love handles or inner tights. The fat also may be taken under arms and the procedure need the removal of the fat starting from 2 up to 3 areas to make sure that you do have enough fat that is needed to enlarge the buttocks.

How much fat that should remain in the buttocks?

When the fat has just been removed using the liposuction technique assisted by the vibration, it is easy to place it at once in the buttocks. When it is compared to the fat transfer technology that was being used before, when the fat was being extracted, it needed to be centrifuged to separate bad and good quality fat, nowadays, it is being done simultaneously as the fat gets extracted. Because the liposuction method is done by the use of the vibration, it means that the fat cells may have little or no damage. This means that it has high chance of surviving when it is put in the buttons after the transplantation. When damaged fat cell is placed in the buttocks, the body gets rid of it. Because the cells of the fat are not harmed with the gentle vibration used with liposuction, they are intact and they are the best when it comes to create natural contour for your buttocks. However, there are some fat cells that the body can reabsorb and there is no guarantee that all the fat that has been transplanted is going to survive.

Because the fat that has to be used come from your tissue, the body is going to recognize your own DNA and it means that there is no way that the body can reject your fat cells after the procedure. When your own tissue is used, you are at low risk of suffering complication compared with buttock implant.

Implants for buttock

There are cases when the implant is recommended. This is normally when clients require to undergo reconstruction, want to get full buttock augmentation or for these who have no fats in other place which can be used for their butt lift. Medical INN clinic offers the patients the Fat Transfer with Button implant method or Brazilian Butt lift since fat transfer has low risks of suffering post surgical complications compared to the buttock implant.


It is important to be careful in the aftercare like for any other procedure in order to prevent the complications and to encourage the general healing of the place that has been operated on. Depending if you have got fat injection to your buttons or the implants, the recovery period may vary. Because the Aqua-shape technique used by our plastic surgeons minimizes the trauma which can be caused by fat transfer or liposuction, recovery period is going to be smooth.

Compression garment should be worn so that you can protect the place that has been operated on and by keeping the swelling down. The buttocks can reduce the size a little in a recovery period since the swelling will start to subside. Many patients go back to their work in few days since they may be having only simple pain, bruising or discomfort.